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All beats & grooves on this site were created, composed, chopped up, mixed, arranged, sampled, sequenced, orchestrated, engineered, & produced by me, David G. So now let me tell you a little more about my story.

It all started way-way back in early 80's. At the age of 13, I was in 8th grade and soon to be a freshman in High School. My love of music had already been cultivated by my Mom, Dad and older sister from an early age. On a trip back from one of our many middle school basketball games our point guard gave me a tape with a song called, "Jam On It." I heard that song and the audiocassette tape he lent me changed my life forever! With that one song I was well on my way into a long love affair with Rap music that still thrives today!

I recall another moment in time where my schoolmates and I were on a trip back from one of our freshman basketball games. One of the sophomore girls named Suzette gave me a tape to listen to....and it was Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five! With songs named, "Freedom," "The Message," "Flash to the Beat," and more, that analog mix tape solidifed my allegiance to Hip-Hop! Run D.M.C. (nuff respect), Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Mantronix, The Boogie Boys, The Fat Boys, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, U.T.F.O., and Afrika Bambaataa quickly followed in my Walkman rotation. The sound that had finally infiltrated a small town in the Northern part of Iowa had taken over my heart and ears! Anything and everything that came out in Hip Hop, I was buyin' it. Even if I hadn't heard it!

My friends and I were in charge of our High School "tape" dances, so many a "pause-mix" tape were created with my burgeoning LP, '45, and tape collection. Our Catholic school didn't have money for a live DJ therefore all dances were pre-prepared on cassette tapes and played via the sound system in our school cafeteria. Needless to say, those "Tape Dances" were the highlights of my high school days and also the beginning of my introduction to DJing.

After graduating from High School, in 1988, I headed off to a much bigger city than Mason City, Iowa. I was off for my freshman year of college at Marquette University, in Milwaukee, WI. At Marquette I started the 1st Hip Hop show on MU radio and called it the "Hip Hop Shop." I also started DJing on campus and eventually worked that gig into "Hip Hop Night's" in our MU Union Pub. For with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Black Sheep, Common, Leaders of the New School, Black Moon, and Pete Rock and CL Smooth, the late 80's and early to mid 90's felt like the true Renaissance of Hip Hop and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

Henceforth, ever since '84 I have been completely hooked on Hip-Hop and have remained faithful till this day! And although it has been commercialized and thugged out to the utmost, I still remain hopeful that true hip hop will survive. I even wrote a term paper for my Senior High School English class with a Thesis entitled, "Why Rap Music is not a Fad" back in 1988!

Anyway, now that you know how my Hip Hop love affair started...let's get back to the music production & Garcia's Grooves!

As you can see, I had been into music from an early age and while in the 4th grade I took a test in music class to test ones proficiency in the arts. As it turned out my music teacher Sr. Matthew contacted my parents to tell them I had an aptitude for music. Thus my venture into playing the Trumpet blossomed from then on and all the way through High School. I was the band geek in Concert, Pep, and Jazz band. Again learning much about Jazz from playing it in competitions and small concerts at school.

After High School I remained a student of music, which I still am today, but my trumpet playing days subsided. The Hip-Hop Renaissance (as I call it) of the late 80's and early 90's was being heavily influenced by Jazz sampling masters like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Thus I decided to dive head first into Hip-Hop and got into beatmaking after college in 1992 when I purchased an Ensoniq ASR-10, which I still use to this day. All the older beats on this site were produced from 1992-1998. I've been out of the game for a few but am now working on a new album called, "Give 'Em What They Want". As we've transitioned into the computer age of beat making I had to make the change too and started learning "Ableton Live" a few years back. It hasn't been easy but it's fun to learn new instruments and still be able to work in turntable scratches and live music. You can hear some new tracks from this album on my home page.

That being said, much respect and credit is due to all the individual artists I sampled from over the years. I truly thank Hip-Hop for guiding me to gain knowledge about the music from the past. I love how sampling opens up whole new worlds for us. There's always new music to discover. I've learned so much over the years from who has sampled what. For without the art form that is Hip-Hop, many of these artists would remain unknown to cats like me.

To those original artists I say thanks for the inspiration, talent, wisdom, and for guiding me to hear the original music in its original form. You are the true musical maestros!

The Honor Roll includes: Earth, Wind & Fire, Ahmad Jamal, Roy Ayers, The Crusaders, Cannonball Adderley, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Milt Jackson, Lonnie Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Grover Washington, Jr., Ramsey Lewis, Bob James, Herbie Hancock, Joe Sample, Wayne Henderson, John Klemmer, Donald Byrd, Grant Green, Cal Tjader, Lou Donalson, Bobby Hutcherson, Maynard Ferguson, Earl Klugh, Les McCann, Jeff Lorber, Herbie Mann, James Brown, The J.B.'s, Kool & the Gang, The Meters, Steely Dan, Bobby Caldwell, Bill Franks, Quincy Jones, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Beny More,...and many, many more!

That being said, I am a true Beat Junkie, Groove Merchant, Diggin in the Crates, Dusty Fingered, Beat Miner. I am an avid collector of old records and 'rare grooves' and still believe in Hip Hops' essence of BEATS and BREAKS.

Creative sampling is an artform and much PROPS go to the masters of this genre of music production:
Pete Rock, DJ Premier, - (my two favorite producers), Thes One from People Under the Stairs (a close second), 9th Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, Large Professor, Hieroglyphics Crew, Diamond D. & the D.I.T.C., Beatminerz, Showbiz, Lord Finesse, De La Soul, The Beatnuts, Jay Dee, Timbaland, DJ Cam, RJD2, Madlib, Buckwild, Presto, Ugly Duckling, Starving Artists Crew, Sound Providers,..and the list goes on.

Speaking of beats I can't forget about the M.C. and my favorites that I'd gladly hand the Mic to: Rakim (Favorite of all time), Big Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, Biz Markie, Q-Tip, Phife Dog, Chuck D., Slick Rick, Common, De La Soul, Nas, Heavy D., Pharoahe Monch, Jeru the Damaja, CL Smooth, Guru, Surreal, J-Live, One Be Lo, Lupe Fiasco, Sadat X, Masta Ace, Pharcyde, Giant Panda, Procussions, El Da Sensei, INI, Dres...and the list goes on.

Long live the DJ, MC, Graffiti Artist, & B-Boy!
Peace! -

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> "Message In The Music"- These messages, young and old, deserve to be heard. More importantly the message they deliver is timeless. It applies today just as much as it did back when it was delivered. Henceforth, I hope you enjoy my music as well as the messages in my music.

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