Music Studio

This is my production toolbox. The equipment I use to produce, mix, sequence, sample, filter, listen, and orchestrate my "grooves."

Ensoniq ASR-10

There are 4 parts of the production process. I'll list each step and the equipment I use to achieve it.

1st - FIND THE MUSIC/SAMPLES :: It all starts with a turntable and a mixer. I use 2 Technic 1200's and a Behringer VMX 300 Mixer. The turntables to sample and cut, and the mixer allows me to filter some samples on the way into the sampler.

2nd- The sampler & drum machine: I bought my Ensoniq ASR-10 back in February of 1992.

3rd- The software: Ableton LIVE. I create, sequence, mix, filter, orchestrate & produce from here. This is the best program I have found to create remixes and original tracks when you are on a budget. Of course Pro Tools and Logic Pro are the big dogs, but ABLETON LIVE is right up there, and it's hundreds of dollars less.

4th- After my music created...where do I mix it down you ask? Well, I do it the old school way. I burn a copy of the song on CD and take it into my car. Listen how it sounds and then adjust when I get back home. Studio headphones are also a must.

And... last but not least....I'm a sneaker fanatic like much of the Hip Hop community, so I gotta have "My Adidas" on before I get into the lab! My Adidas!
> Listen to more of Garcia's Grooves: [Download for FREE!]
> "Message In The Music"- These messages, young and old, deserve to be heard. More importantly the message they deliver is timeless. It applies today just as much as it did back when it was delivered. Henceforth, I hope you enjoy my music as well as the messages in my music.

> "Beat Treats"- A delicacy of 'Beat Treats' for your ears.

> "Sample Road"- On this album I'm taking samples that have already been used by Hip-Hop producing pioneers and then flipping them in a classic Garcia Groove way!

> "Relax, Remix and Unwind"- a Garcia Groove beat behind classic hip-hop acapella tracks.

> "Garcia's Illmatic Grooves"- We took each sample, for each track, used on the Illmatic album and flipped it our own way.

> "Give 'Em What They Want"- Getting back into the producing game and giving them something great for 2008!

> Garcia's Grooves - my first album with tracks produced from 1992-1998

> Garcia's RemixesTaking classic songs or artists and then turning their music into a Garcia Groove. Produced between 1992-1998.

> Garcia's B-Sides - These rare Grooves that never made it onto an LP. Produced between 1992-1998.

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