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ABOUT ME: This is the flyer to my favorite concert of all time! Back in the day, on my sisters birthday, in Milwaukee, WI., July 21st, 1988. Rockin' the house before I officially headed off to college in August of '88! The S1W's were in full effect!
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> "Beat Treats"- My latest music productions which are a delicacy of 'Beat Treats' for your ears.

> "Sample Road"- On this album I'm taking samples that have already been used by Hip-Hop producing pioneers and then flipping them in a classic Garcia Groove way!

> "Relax, Remix and Unwind"- a Garcia Groove beat behind classic hip-hop acapella tracks.

> "Garcia's Illmatic Grooves"- We took each sample, for each track, used on the Illmatic album and flipped it our own way.

> "Give 'Em What They Want"- Getting back into the producing game and giving them something great for 2008!

> Garcia's Grooves - my first album with tracks produced from 1992-1998

> Garcia's RemixesTaking classic songs or artists and then turning their music into a Garcia Groove. Produced between 1992-1998.

> Garcia's B-Sides - These rare Grooves that never made it onto an LP. Produced between 1992-1998.

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